interior design

The Italian company IRI.S s.r.l. with its main office located in beautiful Verona combines design and distribution.
IRI.S is an abbreviation of the designer’s name Irina Solovey. “I was born a designer” – is her answer to the question from “Dentro Casa” magazine. “I graduated from university as a designer of women’s clothing. I devoted over 25 years to the fashion industry before wanting a change of direction. Fashion design had become unisex and unification along with a loss of form and beauty and this was not my cup of tea! I adore the beauty! In general, fashion is too transient, as it tends to yield to primitivism for the sake of economic efficiency. In contrast, houses are different; they live a long life and are always “haute couture”.
A house project combines both beauty and psychology. A house should not be a “vehicle for living”, a hotel or an exhibition of prosperity as the house is meant to be filled with the internal world of the owners meaning that its contents are always unique. This is the task of psychology.

Firstly I have to get the feeling of the space and then listen carefully to try to understand the current and future inhabitants of this space. I get the first images of the house through the owner’s ideas and conceptions, after that I start to draw. This is the most thrilling moment as I can then start to formulate all of the ideas. Having agreed everything with the customer, our managers then get involved in the process. We provide the complete decor of the house from floors to towels utilising our access to wholesalers. This is a thorough and intensive piece of work that my team competently manages. That’s the way we live: I do the design and ideas, and the rest of the team delivers this.”
Company IRIS (IRI.S) will soon celebrate its 15th anniversary. The manufacturers’ market is thoroughly explored and our suppliers are carefully selected. We have many long-term and friendly relationships are with numerous Italian manufacturers. We have also become representatives in the Eastern European market for many highly professional Italian companies.